About Didley’s

My Grandfather, William Silas Mulder “1899 – 1973”, was known as Si to most but his grandchildren called him Didley. Didley was a gifted carpenter by trade. His woodworking abilities were well respected and depended on throughout Elmore County, Alabama. Mr. Si was often called on when a job required someone with the ability and experience to do it right. He joined with family and community to construct the original Mulder Memorial Methodist Church in his home of Redland, Alabama.

Didley farmed the land where he and my grandmother, Sarah Sasser Mulder, lived and raised three children. It was on that family farm , sitting on his tailgate, that I first witnessed the art of beekeeping. Didley had a way of letting us know that whatever he was working on couldn’t be done without the help of his grandkids. He taught by example the value and importance of doing things right. No matter what he created, it was always made to last.

Although my time with him was only eight years, I remember vividly watching him work and wanting to do everything just like him. I was convinced at eight years old and still believe today that Didley was the best at everything he did. I have been in the woodworking and millworks business for over thirty-five years and constantly strive to meet the standards which were set forth by my grandfather. Didley’s Woodwares bears his name with pride and the hope that along the way someone asks…….who is Didley?